Ukraine need help request

Injured defenders and civilians in dire need of your help


Dear friends!


Today Ukraine is going through a very difficult and troubelsome time: in the east there is a real war going on, continued terrorist attacks, murdered civilians, thousands of refugees.


In danger and urgency, the wounded soldiers are fighting to liberate Ukraine from rampaging bandits, marauders and the Russian army. Seriously wounded coming right from the advanced front, they are in dire need of urgent medical care. Often in such need of help are also the civilians, who were unable to flee from the ATO.
Today the importance of work of charitable organizations, volunteers, and all who concerned to attract charitable donation funds and ensure that all necessary care to wounded in a combat zone delivered on time can not be overestimated.
We all need to come together, it is a very tense situation in the east of Ukraine which requires international and domestic support and understanding.



A team of specialists from the Kiev Heart Institute and our hospital ambulance car repeatedly visited the zone of ATO carrying humanitarian aid and evacuating away the wounded soldiers for treatment in Kiev.
By now more than 10 heavily wounded soldiers have undergone surgery at the Heart Institute. A team of experts from the Institute traveled to Slovyansk and village Semenovka to
provide consultations and first aid to wounded soldiers in a combat zone.



To help to make the mobile medical teams more effective, we urgently need a utility vehicle that will be able to drive into the zone of ATO, specialists, and medical equipment as well as necessary medication.



Charitable Foundation "Heart in your hands," which rescues children with congenital heart defects from poor families, can not stay away from todays problems in Ukraine and all that which hurts our hearts and souls. To support this initiative in organizing mobile medical teams with equipment and cargo--‐transport we kindly ask You to donated money, which will be used to purchase the necessary medicine and medical equipment for wounded soldiers!


Our joint efforts will bring back our soldiers their health and allow them to be back in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Our Foundation details:
Charitable Foundation "Heart on the palm"
Registered address: 02140, Kyiv, str. Mishugi, 8/48
EGRPOU 37432793
p / s 26001060714855 (UAH);
p / s 26007057005098 (USD);
p / s 26006057011306 (EURO);
Bank code: 320649

Cell phone for Ukrainian/ Russian speaking: +38 067 244 38 01
Cell phone for Englsih speaking: +38 050 68 24 229


Boris Todurov
President of the Foundation,
MD, Professor,
Honored Doctor of Ukraine