I really want to live!

Charity fund "Heart on the Palm" starts fundraising for medical treatment of Viktoria Kladkova from Sumy, Ukraine
Diagnosis: Marfan syndrome. Aortic insufficiency IV degree. Aneurysm sinuses of Valsalva and ascending aorta. Anterior wall prolapse mitral valve with a slight mitral insufficiency
From the adolescence Vika's heart problems started because of the illness. The body grew, and connective tissue did not have time for it, and the aorta became gradually expanded. A healthy person has an aorta with the diameter of 3-3.5 cm, Vika's aorta has already reached 7.7 cm. If not to do anything with it immediately, it will just burst out, resulting in immediate death. Preparation for surgery, surgery and rehabilitation require more than 100 thousand UAH. Family of Victoria, which consists of her, her retired mother and her disabled grandmother, this amount is extremely huge to raise on their own.
How often do we think about the wealth we have?! How nice to feel the beating of your heart, and do not listen to it with fear, knowing that every shot could be the last. And all because the main artery of the human body – aorta – expanded to no longer compatible with the life size and in any moment can break into pieces ... The diagnosis of Marfan syndrome Victoria is set at birth. It is a genetic disorder that affects connective tissue organs. "When Vika just born, doctors said that most likely, it is not live, but she survived. Later the doctors said that my girl can not walk, but we again lowered his hands, and six months unspeakably painful massages – she was gone. Then doctors said she would not see, but we have done everything we can to prevent this, and today, albeit with contact lenses, but she sees. Now the question regarding the transaction, and around it we can not. Courage and endurance we do not borrow, but the funds without the help of caring people we collect simply can not! " - says Lyudmila Mykolaivna, Vika's mother.
And the girl herself did not hand down, she loves life and believes that caring people to help her, "But life is still surprisingly beautiful! I want to live and plan for the future! I want to continue to write poetry, capturing amazing moments and feelings with this unique and beautiful life! I want to see how my students grow up and have time to teach them many more interesting and they need things in life! I want to meet single order, which can create a family and to feel loved and loving wife, mother... But, unfortunately, for me these seemingly so simple desire – not just unattainable dreams and absolutely incompatible fantasy with reality. However, for many years, I sincerely believe that nothing is impossible simply to "impossible" need a little more time. But now the time for me – a luxury. "
The doctors gave me a choice – an operation or... or the end of my life. In 26 years, almost at the very beginning of life unbearably bitter to think that my story on this earth could already be over, so, in fact, not begun. I beg anyone who can help – help me make the right choices and stay here with you! "
Let's help to defeat Victoria's disease, because her life is just beginning! Let us prove that together we can make even the impossible!

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