Children's hearts are longing for your help

For saving children with congenital heart disease


Dear Sir,

Charity foundation “Sertse na doloni” was created as an the initiative from a group of professionals working at the Kiev Heart Center under the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The primary goal of the Fondation is providing medical aid and care for cardiovascular disease, above all to orphants and children from needy families.

For effective achievement of these goals we do require aid from behalf of community, private companies and entrepreneurs. The greater share of funding tus recieved the Foundation directs to curing the cognetial heart disorders at Centers’ children’s wing, a leading institution in both research and clinical treatment of cardiovasular care, heart and major vessels’ surgery.


These days Ukrains hinds itself in a perticulary difficult military and political situation, defending its Eastern territories from terrorists and invading forces. This compels diverting most of the public funding to supporting county’s defences.

This limitated funding of Center’s activies has lead to a pressing need for purchace of oxygenators for teenager patients of 20-50 kg bodyweight, for supporting of urgent open heart surgery operations.

We turn to you with a plea to help us with a charity financial support. If succesfull, these fundings will be used to purchase of costly materials - the said oxygenators for operating small patiens with cognetial heart disorders. As of the moment, one oxygenator costs in around 8 000 UAHs.


Our banking details:
Charity Foundation “Sertse na doloni”
Legal adress: 02140, Kiev, Mischugi str. 8/48
Registry No.37432793, bank code: 320649
bank account No. 26001060714855 at PJSC CB “PRIVATBANK” in Kiev
Purpose of payment: for purchase of oxygenators